Race and Diversity Spotlight Box


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All the tools you need to create easy discussion around diversity, race, and belonging.


America, My love, America, my heart

A powerful book with a collection of thoughtful questions illuminating the topics of diversity, identity, and race


What is?

Kid-friendly definitions and practical talking points for parents


Conversation Cards

conversation starters for families- whenever, wherever, and however, it is right for them


Activity CARDS

 activities for families that inspire creativity and action


Ages and Stages

What to say and what to do at different ages (0-Teens)

About the Author

Daria Peoples

I am so excited to partner with booklove to create an immersive experience for readers of America, My Love, America, My Heart.

I believe booklove provides families with the extended support they need to engage in meaningful conversations, build bridges of compassion and empathy, and honor diverse cultures, languages, and traditions in our country.

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“Our work [as authors] can be an anchor, a place we return to for comfort and connection. The reward is a story filled with authenticity, personal truth, and the power to connect readers to their own stories and to the stories of others in their communities.”

— Daria Peoples


Also, as a mother I loved the ages & stages page – I think most parents live for this kind of information


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A featured children’s book

highlights an important
topic like race, finances,
or the environment

Custom-designed tools

help parents understand
why, how, and when to
talk with kids

Topic-oriented activities

foster conversation and
connection within families