Reading is fun and it’s also the way the best way to learn. Our mission is to help families read, grow, and love through books. We see books as springboards to spark meaningful conversations and connection. Our curation team has carefully hand-picked books that cover a range of topics that will get your child thinking, exploring, and above all, learning. Here’s to a better world, one book at a time.

About Us

booklove was founded and is run by two women, Kimberly and Christine. Both are Silicon Valley moms with a shared passion of books, learning and a dedication to improving the world for their children and future generations. They believe that education is the greatest equalizer in society and strive to bring forward books  that are inclusive and diverse. It is paramount that all children are treated equally and have postitive role models and can see themselves in celebrated stories. Kimberly is a former lawyer with  expertise in raising twins. Christine is a published scienctifc author and clinical researcher.