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It’s time to deepen our relationships with our dogs, with ourselves, and with the wider world around us.

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Dog Mom Lifestyles is on a mission is to help dog moms see themselves the way their dogs see them (#imperfectlyperfect) by connecting them with a community of like-minded women, and a regular pleasure ritual: unboxing surprises together with her pup. This monthly box ritual helps create a habit of trying new things, exploring new places, and enjoying simple pleasures (all from the comfort of home) while giving back to animal welfare.

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more than just a subscription box

Our monthly ritual boxes create a delightful experience with your dog: opening the box and enjoying the wonders inside together.
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Through themed products and uplifting animal rescue stories, each box tells the tale of a place (a city state or region), its animals, and the humans saving dogs there. 
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We donate $1.00 from each monthly box to the featured animal welfare group, so your purchase directly supports the rescue efforts you read about.

how it works

Start your journey together.

Treat yourself to a happy monthly ritual with your dog; opening a box of surprises, enjoying self-care and relaxation with the wonders inside together with your pup.
Be inspired through our themed mindful products, uplifting animal rescue stories, that tells the tale of a place, its animals, and humans making a difference there.
Feel empowered knowing you’re helping rescues while enjoying your lifestyle goodies and pampering your pup & saving dogs lives at the same time.
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what’s inside

Each monthly box contains


Uplifting animal rescue stories


Limited edition, luxe items for both you & your pup to enjoy


Yummy snacks for your pup


Fun, surprise items to keep the good times rolling! 


A simple, joyous way to bond with your dog—maybe in a way you’ve never experienced before


A relaxation ritual for you to create habits of balance and self-care


A power totem to help prepare you for the world, feel great, and take each day by storm with your dog by your side


A monthly webinar featuring guest experts from around the globe who will help you push yourself, learn to enjoy the little moments, & take on whatever adventures life brings 


Plus… Matching doggy + doggy momma apparel for our VIP Members

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